UbeCube is a collapsible, omni-stackable uber-modular crate system. It helps you store, carry and build.

It’s a building block for big kids.


The UC01 serves as the corner cube, so to speak, for this out-of-the-box system. The rest of the system is built around it, on top of it, inside it...and so on.

And we’re just getting started...with the system...and the puns.

This modular crate system will be built and added to over the following days, months, and years even as you discover new ways to use the system to build out your use cases.

Indeed, it is a building block made for utility and your imagination. While it’s fun for all people who build and wonder, it’s made for real life. It is strong and works. It has creative and practical applications and use cases. We will build and discover them together.

We hope and think you will do great things with this system. And we’re excited to help you and be a small part of your work.

Where and why did it start?

The UbeCube system started from a simple idea - to make something that was already pretty useful, just a little bit better. That something was the commercial milk crate.

For ages, people of all kinds have been repurposing milk crates in their homes, garages, shops, vans, trucks, boats, and on their bikes, ATVs, and other rides. That list could continue forever. We took that crate and made it modular, collapsible, strong, and stackable. We also made it into a system by adding a number of attachments, accessories, and sister products to use with it. And we are just getting started - with a list of products coming as far as the eye can see.

We think you will have fun and find utility from the system now and into the future.

We plan to keep building it out with you and for you.