CrateHacks: Daycare Organization

CrateHacks: Daycare Organization

Posted by UC on Jul 25th 2023

The UbeCube is a versatile storage piece. It's a stackable, connectable, collapsable crate which is simple and easy to use, perfect for daycare organization!

The UbeCube is a carefully engineered storage system that maximizes space while providing easy access to toys, learning materials, and other essential items. Its modular design allows daycare owners to customize the storage arrangement to fit their space and needs. UbeCube accessories, such as shelves and bins, enable the UbeCube to be transformed into an organized cubby where every item can find its rightful place. 

With UbeCube's colorful side panel options, daycare owners can color-code according to their organizational needs. This will create an environment where the kids themselves can partake in the maintenance and care of the space they share. Additionally, the UbeCube's intuitive design allows easy use and accessibility for people of all ages.   

The best part is that the UbeCube will last -- even through the mayhem of child care --  due to its high quality materials. The heavy-duty, foam-filled polypropylene is meant to withstand the test of time. 

It doesn't have to be that hard to stay organized. With UbeCube, daycare owners can reduce clutter, keep an organized space, and create a visually appealing atmosphere with ease!

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