CrateHacks: CratePrepper™

CrateHacks: CratePrepper™

Posted by DPI on Jul 28th 2023

The UbeCube utility crate system is perfect for preppers: food storage, water storage, gear storage and more.

It allows users to side stack crates using the patented omni-stack feature to save on shelving, save on space, add flexibility to storage options and make the units easy to move and portable should the need arise.

The entire UC system can be used for preppers and preparation - for emergency and advancing self-sufficient freedom.

UC has developed a special sku series, the CratePrepper, as a nod to this use case and as a value to customers.

Check it out.

Core Features:

- stack on side and use as shelf system

- add strength for weight with a topper support

- store Mylar bags, access from the bottom crate mounted on its side

- protect glass

- sub-organize gear with bins and trays

- use on standard stainless steel shelves or other shelves for protection and organization

- store water bags

- store 3 and 4 gallon buckets

- easier for portability and quick moves 

UbeCube. Expect Crate Things