UbeCube: Power Up

UbeCube: Power Up

Posted by DPI on Jul 24th 2023

UbeCube is powering up. 

To get the USA plant working, we needed power - a lot of it. The problem is, the supply chain is choked. 

After more than 24 months, we are finally scheduling the install of amperage required to drive up to 16 big injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment. 

The first delay was the panel. What should have taken 2 months, took nearly two years. Then, finally, the equipment arrived. Only, the power company had to schedule the install. With who know what backlogging them, we have waited months longer to get the transformer and power from the street. 

But, we are in the final stretch. Once the power is up and running, we have a ways to go - but it’s progress. More updates on UC’s effort to jump start USA manufacturing coming soon. 

Expect Crate Things, 

Team UbeCube