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Toys rule.  We should stop there.  Toys, games and all craft and creative things take up a better part of our lives - and for the better.  UbeCube is here to make play even better...which I guess we are saying, is possible.


  • Lego table 
  • Building block 
  • Puzzle 
  • Puppet 
  • Costume 
  • Play figures 
  • RC and radio tech 
  • Robot toy 
  • Craft and hobby 
  • Paint and crayon 
  • Drawing



Pets are essential...except for cats.  Just kittying.  Pets make life a little better, maybe because they are oftentimes more pure than we are and show us what we can be.  But we all could use a little help with them.  UbeCube is here for you. 


  • Food 
  • Water 
  • Mobile 
  • Toys 
  • Gear 



Gardening is life.  At least, for gardeners it is.  Planting, caring, harvesting is pure reward.  But it’s hard work.  UbeCube is here to help.


  • Tools 
  • Seed storage 
  • Bulb storage 
  • Bags of chemicals, nutrient 
  • Diatomaceous earth 
  • Harvest box 
  • Worm box 
  • Mulch box 
  • Compost 
  • Grow tower 
  • Mini greenhouse 
  • Seed starting 
  • Grow boxes 
  • Garden shed organization 
  • Greenhouse 


School is potential.  It’s potentially great.  It’s potentially not so great. These potentials depend on a lot of factors. UbeCube can help classrooms and schools and their many use cases improve the positive potential for great experiences and outcomes.  Or at least, we — as teachers, parents and students — will be just a bit more organized throughout the brain-sausage making process for ourselves and loved ones. Consider the many possibilities from K through 12 and on through college, masters and lifelong learning.


  • Mini locker 
  • Lunch storage 
  • Collapsible cubby 
  • Sanitation station 
  • Reading nook 
  • Building block station 
  • Art station 


College and Dorm 

College is important.  Just kidding.  But for all of us who went to college, are going to college or are planning to go, we know we have to survive it.  And to survive, we need stuff.  And we don’t get a lot of space to store or pack that stuff.  We also don’t get much help packing or hauling that stuff.  And just when we settle in, we have to pack out, just for a little bit, before we pack it back in.  And that cycle continues for years.  And for some of us, more years than others.  Snap. UbeCube is here to help. 

  • Easy move 
  • Clothes storage 
  • Book storage 
  • Bathroom supply storage 
  • Season supply 
  • Weather gear 


Crafting, Hobby and Arts 

Crafts, hobbies and the arts are the stuff of real living.  And they require a lot of stuff.  For many of us, we’d rather be deep into these endeavors than anything else.  Sewing, scrap booking, knitting, painting, carving and many other arts and crafts fill our shops and closets full of clutter - and our hearts full of flutter.  That rhyme was horrible. Unless your hobby is cooking.  Maybe it would be butter?  Worse.  No matter.  This passion for hobbies, crafts and the arts doesn’t mean they aren’t work - or that we can’t imagine them being more fun, easier or better organized.  In fact, we spend a great deal of our time working to do just that.  It’s part of the fun.  UbeCube is perfect for these tasks - and can make many facets of crafts, hobbies and the arts more organized, easier to manage, store and haul...and so they help make the already good just a little bit better.

  • Sewing 
  • Knitting 
  • Crochet 
  • Painting 
  • Scrapbooking 
  • Supplies 
  • Drying 
  • Builds 
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